GLOW - Self Tanning Serum

GLOW - Self Tanning Serum

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GLOW - Self Tanning Serum is one of our most customizable products.  This  product works with your favorite moisturizer to achieve the perfect sun-kissed glow. Just add GLOW Sunless Serum to your daily or nightly routine. The serum is specially formulated to help balance out and improve skin imperfections. There's no streaking, no strong odors and best of all no orange tones. tones. This formula is clear so no transfer to clothing or sheets. 

You control the level of color.  The color will deepen 6-8 hours after initial application and then softly develop for up to 24 hours, even after washing. 


  • Hydrating properties including avocado, coconut, aloe and vitamin D
  • Vegan
  • Gluten free
  • Light 2-5 drops / zone
  • Medium 6-11 drops / zone
  • Dark 12-18 drops / zone

Easy to use instructions:

Note: Color will vary based on amount of drops and types of lotions used. Have fun experimenting to find your perfect shade.

  • For the face: Add 2-15 drops to your daily or nightly moisturizing routine and mix well. Apply evenly in a circular motion. Reapply as needed.
  • For the body: Add more drops as needed to your favorite moisturizer and mix well.  Apply evenly in a circular motion. For drier skin we recommend mixing with Renew, normal to oily skin works best mixed with Hydrate. Add drops per zone of body (ie. arm, chest, leg) with same amount of moisturizer your would typically use. 
  • Aftercare is the key to long lasting results. To maintain your sunless tan you can use our Cleanse Body Wash paired with Renew or Hydrate moisturizers. Color can also be extended with our Cocoa tanning lotion or reapplication of the Self Tanning Serum (once a week).